Durham Farms

Governing Documents

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
Establishes the rights of the Association, Declarant and residents. It also states the obligations of those parties. Basic rules and regulations are called out in this document but may be expanded through Board policy.
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Amendment 1
Amendment 2- No Alley Parking
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
Amendment 5
Amendment 6 - Leasing Recorded
Amendment 7
Articles of Incorporation
The purpose of the Articles of Incorporation is to bring the corporation into existence and defines its basic purpose and powers. 
The Bylaws address such topics as:
· Requirements for membership in the Owners Association
· Membership Meetings
· General powers & duties of the board
Rules & Regulations
The purpose of these Rules & Regulations is to define the policies, procedures and rules for use of facilities managed by the Durham Farms Master Owners Association, Inc.
Social Media Policy
Social media guidelines have been established for the use and content of Association-managed social networks to provide a safe and engaging way for residents to connect and communicate. 
Delinquent Assessment Policy
The purpose of the delinquent assessment policy is to create a fair, equitable, and consistent written policy and application of due process for the enforcement of delinquent assessments.
Fine & Enforcement Policy 
The purpose of the fine and enforcement policy is to establish equitable policies and procedures for the levy of fines within the Master Association Properties.